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        scotland wedding photographer

        Scotland Wedding Photographer

        Yes we can go with you in Scotland!

        We want to say « merci »  for your visit on our website.

        Our work is about finding the perfect balance between the fine art approch and the storytelling philosophy, through light, people and moments.

        What you love the most, writing your story with our cameras. Our goal is that your pictures keep the magic of these moments immortalized. Capyture imposes no staging but captures the instant for a natural, living rendering.

        We are french destination wedding photographers, on the road to tell and share beautiful stories everywhere around the globe.

        Our hearts belong to northern Europe countries, and with a special attachment to be a Scotland wedding photographer.  We love the landscape, the colors, and the soul of this land.

        Scotland is indescribable!  Our adventures have us already lead to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and photographing a wedding in this country would be amazing for us.

        To be again a wedding photographer in this region will be amazing!

        Take some time to discover a wedding in Scotland by us and if you have any questions about us feel free to contact us ! We’ll be here for you !

        Robby & Marina Capy

        scotland wedding photographer